Bounce Back Postpartum

Every new mother wonders how to bounce back postpartum, today Vicki Reid shares the four cornerstones of postnatal fitness recovery
Vicki Reid
February 13, 2024
Bounce Back Postpartum

During my pregnancy I was fortunate enough to continue exercising throughout. I frequently had people comment “oh you will Bounce back in no time”!! I remember thinking to myself;

"God I hope I do bounce back"

I felt pressure and expectations from others around me as well as the pressure and expectations I already had on myself to recover quickly and get back to my pre pregnancy body. After having my son Luke, I embraced a 4 week resting period, letting my body recover. However the reality of bouncing back hit me when I began my slow return to training at 6 weeks postpartum. My body felt unfamiliar and the strength I once had seemed elusive.

At month 5 the struggle persisted. My body still didn't look the way I wanted it to or expected it to. I also still felt weak and my core strength was nowhere near where I expected it to be. From my own personal journey and through years of working with mums wanting to get fit and strong postpartum, it is clear that every postpartum journey is unique.

Bouncing back isn't a linear process. Rather than fixating on the body of the past, I focused on nurturing my body as a new mum. Some tips to support a new mum struggling with focusing on their body from the past rather than minding their body as a new mum.

1. Nourish your body Prioritise nourishment over perfection. Feed your body with wholesome, nutrient dense foods that support recovery and provide sustainable energy.

2. Embrace your new mom self Instead of fixating on your body you used to have, celebrate the incredible feat your body accomplished- bringing a baby into the world.
Embrace the changes physically and emotionally, and allow yourself the grace to evolve.

3.Be patient Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is postpartum recovery. Give yourself the time you need, understanding that progress is gradual. Celebrate the small victories and recognise that each day is a step forward.

4. Move with intention When reintroducing physical activity, focus on intentional movements. Incorporate breath work and controlled exercises to rebuild strength gradually. Listen to your body and adapt your routine based on how you feel.

In the end, bouncing back postpartum isn’t about reverting to your pre-baby body but embracing the resilient and transformed version of yourself. The journey is personal and through patience, letting go of expectations and being kind to yourself, you will save a lot of energy and time wasted on giving yourself hardship.

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