The Science of Putting Yourself First

We all want to be there for our loved ones. But to be the best care giver, we have to start by looking after ourselves!
Liam O'Toole
April 30, 2024
The Science of Putting Yourself First

June is married and has 2 kids with a full time job. She cares for their every need because she’s their mother.

Aoife is a hard working accountant who works long hours and sometimes still has stuff to catch up with on the weekend. 

Alan has elderly parents who he cares for, taking them to medical appointments and organising their days. 

Do any of those sound familiar? You in some shape or form? Human beings have a lot of responsibilities in life and more often than not we’re very giving. We surrender our time for others whether it’s covering an extra shift at work for a colleague or driving family to the airport. We give our time to help those we care about because... well, we care.

It’s the most endearing of traits we possess as a species. Even those often categorised as “selfish” will, on occasion, go out of their way for someone they care about.

In our gym we often use the phrases; “help first” and “cult of giving a sh*t”.

I’m certainly not here to tell you to stop caring. Far from it, I’m here to help you do it better. We need to make sure you’re looking after that caregiving vehicle you’ve got, put oil in the engine and so on. Your body and mind need exercise the same way a car needs oil and fuel. You’re not going to be the best helper for the people you care about if you don’t take care of your own engine.

Don't you want to play with your grandkids at 90?

It’s easy to put yourself last. Quit your gym and pick up some bad habits and write it off because you just don’t have the time. Instead, take your calendar and book yourself an appointment so to speak. We all make time to visit the doctor or dentist so let’s do the same here. Book time for you and your health.

Now more than ever it is time to care for yourself so that you can continue to care for those you love. Increasing physical activity and allowing time to mentally destress is imperative to mental and physical health. 

We care for our clients, we try to make it as easy as possible for them. We do the programmes and run the classes. Our coaches are there to guide you through and make sure you’re progressing. We have scheduled classes morning, noon and night to fit all timetables. This is what you need to look for in a gym. A gym that cares for you like you care for everyone in your life.

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