Deborah Powell

Deborah Powell



Bachelor's of Exercise and Health

About Coach

Deborah will make you laugh, that's a guarantee. Having played sports at a young age, trying her hand at anything from ballet to camogie. It never mattered if she was any good or not, she just loved being part of a group and exercising together. However, as a lot of teenage girls do, she left any sports around age 13 and only returned back to training when she was 19. She threw herself in the deep end to do an Exercise & Health Science course as a route to becoming a physiotherapist. Doing that course reignited a passion for exercise that she had forgotten in her teenage years and fell in love with her body again.

Turning Point

Deborah began in the industry by working with patient groups, people with COPD, and Parkinson's. This work gave her great insight into the power of exercise for longevity & people's mind and only strengthen her belief that we need to get people in the country moving. Having seen that end of the spectrum, Deborah came on board at WSF with the goal of taking all she had learned and now expanding into helping even more people.

Motivation & Passion

Deborah's mission is to work with people to move their bodies as a form of care for the long term. Having seen the benefits it can have in later life, what if people did it FOR life? Beyond this, she is also highly interested in working with women who want to train in harmony with their cycle, especially if they're having impacts on their quality of life, movement, and nutrition. A firm believer that women are not small men and need training that compliments that!

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