Liam O'Toole

Liam O'Toole

Owner & Head Coach


About Coach

As a child, Liam was always into sports. He played as many as possible up until going off to college at age 18. A couple of years of partying led to Liam discovering CrossFit Wicklow and completely changing his life. Quickly becoming infatuated with the gym, he soon become a coach and was instrumental in the gym's growth through the early years. Ultimately the passion switched from what the gym could do for him to what it could do for others. Ireland has a poor relationship with physical activity and Liam's passion for helping people drove him to keep pushing and learning in order to help more and more people.

Turning Point

Then in 2020 something happened, life does like to throw curveballs after all. You have the opportunity to become the owner you’ve been the manager of for 3 years and a coach at for 6 years. The catch? It’s the middle of a global pandemic and the gym is closed with a very uncertain future ahead. You know if you don’t take the reins in this place you’ve worked hard to build and love will cease to exist. Luckily for us, Liam rolled the dice and took a chance. What followed has seen the gym transform from top to bottom to become the thriving community-based gym we have today.

Motivation & Passion

Now as the owner Liam has expanded the gym to new areas and is constantly pushing the boundaries for what we can do. He is the leader of our team and is now the "coach of the coaches" as he helps steer them and guide them in their careers as fitness professionals. In growing his team of coaches, his influence can go further. Instead of having to coach everybody himself, he constantly challenges his team to grow and expand the knowledge base of the team. "You can usually find Liam up in his office dreaming up the next idea or on the gym floor annoying his long-suffering team of coaches and staff with crappy jokes and random bursts of terrible singing!

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