Vicki Reid

Vicki Reid

Coach & Perinatal Specialist


Certified Pre and Postnatal exercise specialist

About Coach

From a young age, I enjoyed being active and getting involved in different activities. My two main hobbies growing up were horse riding and ballet dancing. When I went to college to study Social Care Work, I had little time to dedicate to the horses and I took my dancing skills from the ballet studio to the night clubs. Between working and college, I dabbled in a few gyms here and there. I found my time in the gym was unproductive and I saw no progression. A friend told me about CrossFit. I decided to try it out and I was hooked! I competed in a number of CrossFit competitions over the years and it became my main hobby. Fast forward 4 years, I was still competing and training in CrossFit when I found out that I was pregnant with my little boy Luke! I trained throughout my pregnancy. Constantly tailoring my training to support my body for a healthy and strong pregnancy. After having Luke I was ready to “bounce back”. I was shocked when I started back training. My body felt weak and unfamiliar. I knew I had a challenge ahead of me to get my body to where it used to be. This triggered my passion for supporting women on their pre and postnatal journey to feel strong and to rebuild their bodies.

Turning Point

When my maternity leave was finished I returned to Social Care Work. It was a tough job with night shifts and long hours. At the time I had also started training In Wicklow Strength and Fitness. I have trained in multiple commercial gyms and CrossFit gyms but I had never trained in any gym like WSF. The members were all so friendly and the coaches were knowledgeable and so attentive. Then one day I was at the end of a long and difficult 24-hour shift when I saw that WSF was hiring. After a lot of thought and consideration, I decided to go for it! It was terrifying at the time, giving up a secure job that I had spent many years working in that field. There has not been a day that I have looked back. I am now a CrossFit Coach, Personal Trainer, and Pre and Postnatal exercise specialist. Changing my career to a job that I absolutely love is probably one of the biggest highlights in my life.

Motivation & Passion

My main passion is working with women in supporting their bodies during pregnancy and postpartum to stay strong. The benefits of exercise during pregnancy and postpartum are massive. Scientific evidence and my own personal experience can support that. I love watching women keep their bodies strong during pregnancy as their body changes. I also love supporting women to rebuild their bodies postpartum. Back pain and pelvic floor issues don’t have to be a ‘norm’ after having a baby. I am also still hugely passionate about Strength and Conditioning and CrossFit. I am still hooked on it and it has completely changed my fitness journey. I love watching people progress and achieve skills that they never thought they could.

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